About the colours


Have you ever met a person whose level of energy at once fascinated and scared you? Well, then you met a ‘red’ person. Red people never sit still; they’re often on their way somewhere while the rest of us have given up long ago. We might not always find meeting a red person positive, though. Many would say that red people are impatient, overbearing, aggressive or arrogant. Nothing worries a red person, who is more object- than relation-oriented. To put it bluntly: he or she doesn’t give a damn about what you think.



‘Yellow’ people are driven by their feelings. You recognise a yellow person by their wide smile, positive attitude and ability to find solutions where others see problems. But – it has to feel right! Just like red people, yellow people have a lot of energy. They are inquisitive and good at getting things started but worse at completion.

They can often be perceived as superficial and too self-confident and equally that they don’t listen properly or are a bit careless and unfocused. Whatever their opinion, a yellow person will react strongly – in one way or another.



Looking for a friend in need? Choose a green one – this is someone who genuinely cares. Just like yellow people, greens are relation-oriented. The advice is to listen more than you talk – if you can get the other person to talk that is. Greens accept change but want to adjust slowly: “You know what you have but not what you’ll get.” “It was better before.” This is your challenge. It has been said that green people are smug, stubborn and resistant to change. But what happens when a green gets to hear of it? They’ll never forget a perceived injustice.


Almost unfathomably well-informed, our ‘blue’ friend tells us with a gentle, patient voice the true facts. If you want to win this person’s confidence, make sure you have an excellent grasp of details. Blue people are just as object-oriented as reds, so if you’re wrong, you’ll be called up on it. With a blue, things will rarely go a pace; on the other hand a job will seldom have to be re-done. Even blues receive criticism, however. They can be perceived as evasive, reserved, fussy, conservative and lacking in independence. Nothing particularly worries a blue person – after all, they know they’re right.