About Thomas Erikson

Thomas Erikson Foto: © Peter Knutson

Thomas Erikson
Photo: © Peter Knutson

Thomas Erikson is lecturer and author. He works exclusively with developing companies and organizations from a leadership perspective. The recent eighteen years he has trained nearly four thousand executives and managers to become better and more efficient leaders. Some of the tools that he uses in his programs are featured on this website, but he is also licensed on a number of other methods aimed to strengthening the leadership within an organization.

Thomas has written two popular scientific books on communication and human behavior. Surrounded by idiots is one of Sweden’s best-selling non-fiction books 2016-2017 with over 350,000 copies sold only in Sweden. The book is sold in 22 other languages, to various markets such as Brazil, Germany, USA, China, Russia, Canada, Spain, Taiwan, Poland, Finland and Denmark.

The sequel Surrounded by psychopaths is about manipulation. Thomas wrote it after he found that some readers of the first book chose to misuse the knowledge he wanted to mediate. The book has sold over 60,000 copies in Sweden. Surrounded by psychopaths is translated to ten other lauganges, at present sold to Finland, Germany, Spain and Brazil, but new markets are constantly added.

Thomas is also a very appreciated lecturer. With the books as a base he holds lectures and seminars all over Europe. A selection of his assignments in 2017 is the County Council, the Regional Prosecuttion Office, KIA Motors, Coca Cola, Microsoft, TV4, The Swedish Tax Agency, various government offices, Ministry of Education, Volvo, IKEA, University oh Stockholm, et al.

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Thomas also runs a own consultancy business that works with behavioral changes within companies and organizations. You can read more about how Team Communication works here.