The Illusion

The first spine-tingling thriller in the Alex King series

Meet a new type of hero and immerse yourself in a murder case that will make your skin crawl. Behaviourist Alex King is an expert at analysing people and predicting behaviour, deciphering the average Joe and the psychopath alike.

A spectacular execution before a full public, a string of wealthy Swedes served with death threats, sophisticated blackmail the likes of which have never been seen before – this is the work of a true professional. As the threats are carried out one by one, the police call in Alex King– the behaviourist can do things they cannot. When an entire family disappears without trace, his knowledge of human behaviour is severely tested, as the real criminal turns out to be masterful at putting up smoke screens and openly challenging the police, who fall into his trap. The question is, does Alex?

Over 30.000 copies sold in two months

Publisher: Massolit Förlag

International publishers

Language: Polish
Released in October 2012