About Thomas Erikson

Like many other authors I have drawers full of past essays and stories. I wrote my first book as an adult, though, almost twenty years ago. Without any editing at all, I sent it off to a publisher. The reaction was positive but the book was never published. I wrote another book, and likewise it was refused. And another. No success. When I think about all those ‘no thank you’ letters, perhaps I should have spent my time differently, despite everything. Natural talent appeared to be lacking. What I did have, however, was a certain amount of endurance. In the end, it has turned out to be a wise decision to carry on writing and hone my skills, alongside my normal career.

Some wise author is reputed to have said that if you can do anything other than write – do it. Writing is simply too much work. But if you can’t do anything else, well, then perhaps you are an author. My behavioural science hero, Alex King, does the same things as I do in real life: we’re both specialists in body language and in how to interpret behavioural patterns and approach different kinds of people.

I’m still getting to know Alex King, little by little. One part I know already but there is still much more to discover. And I’ll continue my single-handed sail as an author because it’s such bloody good fun and because I have to find out what happens next. There are no limits to the imagination, and it always turns out the way you thought it would. Never forget that.

Thomas Erikson